Different Countries




Artists and Engineers:

Pete Townshend - The Who
Eddie Kramer- The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix
Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino)
Infrasonic Mastering
Greg Wells - Adele, Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, Pink, Ariana Grande
Arcade Fire
Ryan Freeland - Aimee Mann, Ray LaMontagne, Bonnie Raitt, Hugh LauriePaul Savoy - Ah Ha
Ray LaMontagne
Eric Heigle - Arcade Fire, Dr. John

Universities & Foundations:

New York Public Library
The Country Music Hall Of Fame
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation
Texas Tech
Valencia College
Eastern Kentucky University
Columbus College
University of Oklahoma
Hennepin Technical College
Florida Public Library System


"Chris Mara has single-handedly revived the reputation of the great Jeep Harned's American MCI JH series of tape machines. These have survived in large enough numbers to make a business out of their restoration and the Mara rebuilt machines are top quality, great sounding, easy to keep lined up, and smooth running. We have all been pleasantly surprised that the MCI gear they are based on has lasted so well. They were so much better built than anything made today."

- Pete Townshend - The Who

"My Mara Machine MCI JH-110 1/4” is as sonically beautiful to listen to as it is aesthetically attractive to look at. Aimee Mann’s Mental Illness was mixed through my Mara Machine and won me my fifth Grammy. It subtly helped glue the final mix together and added some magical fairy dust. With its unassuming charm and stalwart support my Mara Machine adds the sort of sonic love I’d rather not mix without."

- Ryan Freeland - Engineer - Los Angeles, CA

"For the last three years, I have been using two Mara machines on my recording projects, both the 24 track 2" and 8 track 1". The only thing better than the way these machines run and sound is how supportive and available the Mara machines staff has been to help me better understand the machines and implement them into my workflow."
- Eric Heigle - Engineer, Producer, Musician - New Orleans, LA

"I love this unit and I will often print mixes to it! It's just two track, and I run it at 30 ips."

- Greg Wells - Engineer, Producer - Los Angeles, CA

"My Mara 1/4" JH110 has been a fantastic addition to my private studio. The tape deck sounds great capturing mixes and has been extremely reliable. It aligns flat all the way up to 20 khz at 15 IPS and is the perfect combination of tape mojo and hi fidelity all in one. Favorite records I have mixed to it so far are Hood Smoke "Cannonball Porch" and Bunny Patootie "New Growth Chart."
- Anthony Gravino - Engineer - Chicago, IL

"My preferred method of working is to record basic tracks  to my Mara MCI JH 110 1" 8 track then transfer to Protools for overdubs. For mixdown is use my Mara MCI JH 110 1/2" 2 track. With that combination you can't go wrong. Solid machine and a solid support team!"

Bruce Watson - Fat Possum Records - Delta-Sonic Sound, Memphis, TN

"There is no argument that technology has changed everything. But, sometimes we find ourselves chasing our tail for a sound that only tape would deliver. With all the bells and whistles that are in today's marketplace that claim to give you the sound of tape, the ease of tape or what have you, nothing is easier nor compares to a well-oiled tape machine. If you have a good machine and a little bit of patience, there is no sound that can't be achieved and without spending a bunch of money on other things you don't need. Chris Mara's company delivers the goods: the machines, the elbow grease and the know-how makes getting into tape for the first time an inexpensive and worthwhile endeavor."

- Mark Hornsby

For the last dozen years, it's been a no-brainer for me to hire Chris Mara for all things analog. Chris found, delivered, and restored my rockin' MCI 428 console, gives my MCI JH110 1/2" tender lovin', and has wired my personal studio so that it's a joy to make music in. Chris recapped our Trident 80B console at the college recording school that I direct. Chris Mara is all about delivering more than you know what to ask for. Hire this guy."

- Tommy Wiggins - Tommy's Tracks - Nashville, TN

"I love my Mara Machines. I have both the MCI JH110BC 1/2" 2 track and MCI JH24 2" 24 track. They have been incredibly reliable and the warm analog sound they provide has proved crucial in my music productions. This beautiful sound is something I have not been able to achieve with my digital audio work station. I recently produced and engineered a record for Particle Kid, aka Micah Nelson and an album “With The Sun” by artist Sunny War and the results using my Mara machines are astounding. On another note, the Mara team has provided the best technical support of any recording equipment company I have ever dealt with, always going the extra mile to make sure that I am a satisfied customer."
- Harlan Steinberger - Producer, Engineer - Hen House Studios, Venice, California